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Scene Title: In Between Friends

Storyline: Charles was staying with Jayden and her man because he was going through a rough break up / divorce. After Jayden's husband went to work , Jayden and Charles began talking about the divorce. Things got pretty intense and Jayden was talking about how she always wanted to be held by Charles and thats what he did he held her big tits and made her suck his big dick...

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What people are saying about: Jayden Jaymes - In Between Friends babygotboobs scene

Comment #1

Jeeeeezz....I have a new favorite scene now. Not to mention a very sticky hand. Wow. She looks so awesome sometimes. Incredible. They can't get enough of her on here. Thanks for the extreme satisfaction here, Brazzers...

Comment #2

If she is not a 10++++ I have never seen one. Seemed to enjoy all his licking and sucking and did a great job on his prick. Clit jewelry was nice;. He had hair at the root of the prick yet she was shaved? Gave some real good fucks to him and took a lot more, deep and hard. Bet her cunt was sore the next day, plus her tits had a good shaking.

Comment #3

HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!!!! If my best friend had a wife or fiance like her, I would take full advantage of the situation! I really liked how she didn't hesitate at getting right to the heart of the matter of what she wanted. No time wasted, she just jumped right to that cock the minute her man was out the door, and yet she was thinking that she was going to get a sports car out of the fuck. Damn what a girl!

Comment #4

This is an awesome babygotboobs scene and Charles does some serious tit sucking on Jayden. This by far was one the best scene ever and the chemistry between the two shows. Great job guys!

Comment #5

As much as I hate Dera, I gotta admit, this was a great scene, and he doesn't make many. Jayden and Charles had great chemistry. I thought the sex was hot, would liked to have seen a couple more positions, I hope Puma isn't in the third scene, if you make a third scene. As for her ass shaking, Rachel's is better, but she can shake that ass too. Jayden is definately a good addition to the family. Keep her coming. Her giggling while bouncing her ass is about the only thing I would have left out. 9/10

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