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Baby got boobs presents: Rachel Roxxx shows her tits to get cash for a trip

Scene Title: Bored House Sitter

Storyline: Rachel was house sitting, but she got rather bored so she decided to wander around the house... When she got in Mr.Reed's room she began going through the drawers only to find money and jewelry. Mr. Reed missed his flight, so he came home to Rachel trying on his wife's jewelry. Rachel explained she needed money to go on a trip and he made her a proposition she couldn't refuse...

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havent seen this babygotboobs video yet but i know rachel roxxx is one hot hot bitch. what the fuck is it w ppl complaining about hre tits -thyre fucking amazing just like the rest of her only thing i request is pls take those piercings out. man does she bring energy and passion to all her scenes shes like a little fiesty terrier on heat -but a fucking gorgeos one. put her w someone like tanya james - imagine the contrast one short brunette w one leggy blonde -what do they have in common -both super fucking fit who know how to treat a guy right

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I love Rachel Roxxx! She's So Hot! I always look forward to new scenes with Rachel and she didn't dissapoint in this one. I have to say that Rocco is new to me but i'm impressed...he's damn hot too! Great matching, great scene, keep up the good work.

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Wow! So glad I came back to watch this babygotboobs video again! I hadn't noticed the first time (since I skipped right to the fucking) that Rachel has tons of comic ability wrapped up inside the hottest body in porn in the last decade. She's an amazing fucker and seems to have a personality to go with it. Don't ever change Rachel. Not your tits either, they are out of this world!

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whoa!!! Whats with the assholeness people??? And I never said i was above doing more .... more what the fuck are you talking about anyways? let me see your dumb bitch ass have the nuts to get naked and fuck on camera.... I'm a person that has feelings and does not deserve to be spoken of like that. What the fuck did i ever do to you guys? If you don't like me, fine, I hope it makes you feel like a big powerful person b/c it is obvious you need help with that!! LETS SEE WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!! i'm not one to talk shit to people but dang!!!!! I know that people can say what they want bbut i'm not a piece of shit so FUCK OFF!!! And about MY FUCKING TITS!!! If you don't like 'em i'd be more , let me say MORE, than happy to have you buy me a new pair if you hate them so fucking much!!!! I bet your dick is so shriveled up inside you it looks like a retarded turtle!!! Piss offf!!!!! By the way, I'd never post something for the world to see about how pathetic your junk is!!! K, i'm done venting about this nonsense, have a nice day and to those of you who support me n stuff, thank you so much !!!

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